What would it Take to Take on Grand Theft Auto ?

Let’s talk business coming from an Intellectual’s point of view, If a Studio would be ambitious and crazy enough to challenge Rockstar Games’s Grand Theft Auto Series it would need a Wildly large Budget, Extensive conections across the Gaming Industry, Directors, Writers, and Producers Experienced in the Open world genre of games.

” If any Game product were or is to possibly challenge Grand Theft Auto, It would certainly require the Developmental power for the job. 

Creatively nothing could possibly Emerge as a competitor, The Funding, Marketing, and even finding a Publisher, who normally funds the development, and own the rights to the game. 

– My Opinion 

Many Different Analysts, Writers, and even the fans themselves would give their take on this issue, but I’m not even sure if this is even something that’s even been through or let alone possible.
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Assassins Creed: Based In Historical SettingsĀ 

The Assassins Creed Franchise By Ubisoft is one of the most beloved Game franchises in the World. It’s use of fiction and actual historical events has kept it charged for Over a Decade, By putting it’s open-word, adrenaline, heart-pumping action paced Presence based in actual historical setting has given it a name for it’s self. 
The very First AC game was ‘Assassins Creed” based during the Crusades, Yes the Christians conquest of the Holyland. In this you are Altair iben La Had, A legendary young Assassin, who reached the rank of ‘Master Assassin’ at just 25, Trick by The Assassins Leader into killing the Nine Templar Leaders, only for him to assume Power. 
The Second Assassin’s Creed is based during the Renaissance, Strolling through beautiful Florence as the Son of Wealthy Banker and a Former Assassin, Enzio Auditore who goes on to be A Legendary himself. 
The AC Titles ‘Revelation’ and ‘Brotherhood’continues Enzio’s journeys. 
Assassins Creed III which takes you through the Seven Years War on up to the American Revolutionary War, from an Englishman son of Edward Kenway to you’re son Connor. 
Assassins Creed IV Blackflag takes you through the Carribean

Islands during the Golden Age of Piracy, Sailing with the Likes of Edward ” Thatch” ” BlackBeard” Teach, Calico Jack, Ann Bony, and Many more… I wouldn’t want to spoil. 
Assassins Creed V Rogue, Places you back into the Seven Years War, Siding with the British over the French. You go from Assassin to Templar as you decide where you’re loyalty lies as Shay Cormac. 
Assassins Creed Syndicate Takes you through England in the early 1900s. 
Assassins Creed Unity Takes you through Revolutionary France You witness the Rise of Napoleon Bonaparte as French Assassin Arno. 
Assassins Creed Origins Takes you through Ancient Egypt. 
Assassins Creed Odyssey takes you through Ancient Greece. 

You will find that most Gamers don’t care about History, But in the Case of Video Games they can temporarily. My initial thought is that Ubisoft is using the Historical factor to develop creativly. The only time Ubisoft hasn’t explored was Medieval Times, Although the crusades were based in Medieval times, It was only a taste. It’s possible we could also be based in The Roman Empire or Republic. 
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